No matter how many pairs of cheap shoes from china you have in winter, if you are still to be used in next winter, you should keep them in sound condition. Because boots are different from other casual shoes, it is not appropriate to throw them into water and dry it our then directly.

Since boots are made from different fabric, you need clean the boots in different way. If you want to keep your boots in good condition without damage during cleaning, you should pay attention to sort out the shoe before clean them.

Leather Boots for Women Cleaning

Leather boots are different from cotton boots, and it can’t be washed with water. Leather will become loose and peel off after soaking in water. So when you clean leather cheap knee high boots, you should wipe off the dust and dirty with soft towel. If the boots are stained by the oil or something difficult to remove, you should leather cleaner exclusively, which can keep your leather in good condition and in clean look.

Snow Boot for Women Cleaning

Because most of snow boots for women are made from cotton and there are fluff inside, so you should carefully brush the boots with toothbrush to make it clean. Fortunately, the boots are not easy to lose their shape even though how to clean it. But in order to make sure the fluff will not become thinner, you had better take it carefully. In addition, the snow boots are usually designed in light color, so you should clean it alone.

After cleaning, what important is that dry it in correct way. You can’t expose the boots to strong sunlight, or the black spot will appear on the boots. And the cracking will happen to leather under the sunlight. Therefore, don’t forget to let your boots stay shadowy place to dry out.

Although boots are to look for on the market, thanks to so many boots choices on the market. However, it is also essential to clean your boots for next year if you have several pairs of boots are still worn in future. Different boots need different cleaning way.